cancer screening
powered by tears.

We develop accessible cancer screening tools for early detection to improve health outcomes for all.

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Cancer screening needs to evolve.


New Cases 1


Deaths 1


of Men 2

1 Annual Global Cancer Burden by 2040

2 American Cancer Society
Lifetime probability of being diagnosed with cancer in US


of Women 2

Our Impact

We have the science to power proactive cancer screening.

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Disruptive Innovation

We research and develop cancer screening tests for early detection utilizing the untapped power of tears.

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Accessible Screening

We make our cancer screening tests affordable and available to all, using real science to drive real solutions.

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Preventive Care

We believe the future of health care should be in your hands to help empower educated decisions. You deserve the opportunity to screen early when it matters most.


We are innovators.

Ambitious innovation. Solving real problems.

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Powering real progress.

Identifying new cancer biomarkers.

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Proteomic tear testing.

Transforming cancer screening.

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We’re developing the future of accurate, affordable, effective, accessible cancer screening products.

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Breast Cancer Screening

The first of its kind at-home personal biological breast cancer screening test empowering women to be informed and confident on their breast health journey.

Meet Auria




Breast Cancer Diagnostic

A clinical tear-based biological breast cancer screening for providers. Melody requires no specialized equipment or personnel, making it ideally suited for any walk-in diagnostic clinic.

Meet Melody

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The future of screening.

Developing the future of cancer screening.

Our cutting-edge research and development is allowing us to analyze tears and other biological samples with unprecedented precision and accuracy.

What’s Next?

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Let’s disrupt.

We’re a revenue stage biotech company with big ideas, and the science to make them happen.

Be a part of the future of cancer screening.