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We are researching and developing cancer screening tools powered by proteomics.

Why Tears?

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Tears are a cleaner fluid than blood, which requires less processing. Their lack of large components allows the detection of small disease markers.

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Cancer screening is only effective when it happens. With easy, non-invasive collection, our tear-based cancer screening products are encouraging patient activation, so we can detect cancer early.

Tears are a clean, easy fluid allowing us to get to the proteins of interest faster.

Dynamic Range

We can get to low molecular weight proteins in high concentrations quicker and easier.

Low Cost

Tear-based biological screening doesn’t require extensive processing in a clinical lab.


Noninvasive collection allows for accessible and convenient at-home testing.

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Discover Proteomics

Completing the diagnostic picture.

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Innovative cancer screening tools

Proteomics is an interdisciplinary field that combines techniques from biochemistry, molecular biology, and mass spectrometry, among others. It is the large-scale study of proteins, including their structures, functions, interactions, and dynamics.

It aims to understand how proteins are produced, regulated, and transformed within a cell and across an organism, and how these processes relate to biological phenomena and diseases.

Our tests can identify specific biomarkers that are unique to an individual's cancer, allowing for more personalized treatment plans.
Our tests are highly sensitive and can detect cancer at an early stage, when it is more treatable.

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Identifying a wide range of genetic changes

Our laboratory also uses genomics to develop cancer screening tools. Genomics is the study of genes and their function. By analyzing the genetic material present in tears, we can identify changes that are associated with the development of cancer. Our genomics-based approach complements our proteomics approach, allowing us to develop more accurate and comprehensive screening tests.
Our tests can identify genetic changes that occur in the early stages of cancer, allowing for earlier detection and treatment.
Our tests can identify a wide range of genetic changes associated with cancer development.

Our Work

“We are committed to making cancer screening more accessible, effective, and personalized.”

Utilize the untapped power of tears

Our laboratory is committed to developing innovative cancer screening tools that utilize the untapped power of tears. By combining the power of proteomics and genomics, we are able to develop screening tests that are more accurate, comprehensive, and personalized. Our goal is to make cancer screening more accessible and effective, ultimately saving lives.

Our Team

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Let’s innovate.

We’re a revenue stage biotech company with big ideas, and the science to make them happen.

Be a part of the future of cancer screening.