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Developing the future of cancer screening.

We believe the future of preventive care starts with empowering individual health ownership.

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Disruptive Science.

Innovative Solutions.

Proactive Health.

Our Team

omid m

Omid Moghadam

Founder & CEO


Chris Albertson, MD

Laboratory Medical Director

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Eric Barnes

Chief Financial Officer

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Kelsey Earhart

Technical Supervisor

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Prashanth Ravishankar, Ph.D.

Research & Development Scientist

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Amber Alsbury

Manager of Customer Service

Our Advisors

Steve Harms

Steven Harms, MD, FACR, Emeritus

Clinical Advisory Board - Radiology

Klimberg Suzanne

Suzanne Klimberg, MD, MSHCT, PhD, FACS

Clinical Advisory Board - Breast Oncology

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Michael Clark

Advisory Board - Marketing & Ecommerce


Teresa Farah

Advisory Board - Legal & Commercial Strategy


James Farley

Advisory Board - Managed Care & Insurance Markets

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John Halsey

Advisory Board - Managed Care & Employer Markets

KeithOrrisSQ v2

Keith A. Orris

Advisory Board - Corporate Strategy & Business Development

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Marcus Osborne

Advisory Board - Healthcare Delivery & Strategy


Ed Fryar

Board of Directors


Rob Kimbel

Board of Directors


Todd Simmons

Board of Directors


Ran Whitehead

Board of Directors

Why Namida?

Harnessing the Healing Power of Tears in the Fight Against Cancer

Our name, Namida, is derived from the Japanese word for tears, reflecting our focus on utilizing the power of tears to identify early-stage cancers. We use cutting-edge proteomics and genomics technologies to analyze the unique biomarkers present in tears, which can indicate the presence of cancer.

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Let’s disrupt.

We’re a revenue stage biotech company with big ideas, and the science to make them happen.

Be a part of the future of cancer screening.