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Tears as the Next Diagnostic Biofluid: A Comparative Study between Ocular Fluid and Blood

This paper provides evidence that many of the same proteins that can be detected in the blood can also be detected in tears. In this study, we confirmed that protein and miRNA from blood show similar composition in tears with less processing techniques and time making it more attractive as a non-invasive source.


Using Tears as a Non-invasive Source for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

The goal of this study was two-fold:

1) determine what proteins could be detected in tears of diagnosed breast cancer patients

2) determine what proteins could be used as a tool to differentiate between breast cancer and control samples. In this study, we examined the ocular proteome to identify protein biomarkers with altered expression levels in women diagnosed with breast cancer.


Development and Validation of a Short-term breast health measure as a Supplement to screening mammography

The goal of this study was to develop a diagnostic algorithm that could distinguish breast cancer samples as a group with high enough sensitivity and specificity to warrant clinical validation. We used tear fluids to determine cancer biomarkers’ protein concentrations and developed a model that is significantly associated with a positive breast cancer diagnosis. We analyzed the protein concentration from 847 individually collected tear samples using logistic regression to develop and validate three models for the identification of positive breast cancer samples.


Multiomic Approaches for Cancer Biomarker Discovery in Liquid Biopsies: Advances and Challenges

Review article on the role tears could play in cancer biomarker discovery.